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**Major Reports Available Now**

 5 years of research on 

Biodiversity in Irish Plantation Forests

Three Final Technical Reports (click for full titles and authorship) are available through COFORD (www.coford.ie).

One Major Synthesis Report (including all three projects, click for title and authorship) is available from EPA (www.epa.ie).

The seminal, multidisciplinary study of biodiversity in Irish plantation forests is now concluded. This gathered a mass of information on forest biodiversity in these forests that gave insights into the numbers of species in the forests and their interaction with management and environment. An End of Project Conference was held in Portlaoise in 2005, details on COFORD's Website (www.coford.ie) with results of the discussion workshops.

Main outputs from the project, including reports, papers and presentations are listed on the Outputs page of this website. More publications are in the pipeline and will appear in scientific journals.

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BIOFOREST Project Particulars

The BIOFOREST project was a large-scale five-year project running from 2001 to 2006 with the aim of gathering basic, much-needed information on biodiversity in Irish plantation forests. The project was funded from the National Development Plan funds through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Council for Forest Research and Development (COFORD) as part of the Environmental RTDI Programme 2000-2006.

This Large Scale Project (2000-LS-3.1-M2) was structured as three smaller projects, each addressing a separate aspect of forest biodiversity. These were:

The BIOFOREST research team was comprised of the following organisations:

        Department of Zoology, Ecology and Plant Sciences (ZEPS), Environment Research Institute (ERI), University College, Cork (UCC)

        Department of Botany, Trinity College, Dublin (TCD)

        Coillte Teoranta, The Irish Forestry Board (Coillte)


Staff names and expertise are listed on Research Teams page.


The research team was guided with input from a Steering Group that included external experts from other organisations in Ireland (e.g. Duchas) and abroad (Denmark, Finland, UK). The input of other external experts was requested as necessary and supported by COFORD and EPA. 


University College, Cork

Trinity College, University of Dublin

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