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Dr Paul Dowding

Dr Dowding is a Lecturer in Botany, University of Dublin (Trinity College), 1968-99. Fellow of Trinity College, 1980. Dean of Graduate Studies, University of Dublin, 1982-85. Director of Environmental Sciences Unit, University of Dublin, 1984-89. Senior Lecturer in Botany, 1999-

Research interests centre on (i) the effects of the physico-chemical environment (both natural and man-made) on living organisms and (ii) the interactions between organisms. Most of this work has involved fungi (components of the lichen symbiosis). The five main threads of research activity have been: (i) Biology and control of fungi in conifers (1965-72); (ii) Decomposition, microbiology and nutrient cycles in peat bog ecosystems (1968-98); (iii) Fungal nutrition (1975-83); (iv) Diurnal periodicity of biological particles in air (1976-present); (v) Biological indicators of air pollution (1978-present).

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