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Professor Giller

Prof. Giller is an Associate Professor in Zoology at UCC. His research experience lies in population and community ecology, particularly in the analysis of macroinvertebrate communities of freshwater habitats; freshwater-forestry interactions (including biodiversity issues and the effects of clearfelling); fish diet and feeding strategies; the impact of instream (flooding) and catchment (land use changes) disturbances on stream and river ecosystems; community ecology of terrestrial insects including dung beetles, the role of diversity on ecosystem function (grassland systems).

Publications include 100 scientific papers and articles, and over 20 published abstracts. He has written and edited 7 academic books. He has attracted £1.1 million over the past 10yrs from international and national grant-awarding bodies including EU (Integrated Plant Protection, FAIR, Environment and Climate), Enterprise Ireland, COFORD, The Heritage Council, Leverhume Trust, Coillte and TEAGASC with over £600,000 in collaboration with Dr. O'Halloran on forest-environment related projects.

Expert evaluator (for scientific and strategic panels) for EC Fourth Framework Environment and Climate Programme 1994-1998 in Aquatic ecosystems and Water Resources; International member of the NERC Freshwater Sciences Training and Awards Committee and Peer Review Committee (1996-1999); Member of the NERC Special Topic Steering and Review Committee for the Testable Models of Aquatic Ecosystems thematic programme. 1994-97; Research grant application reviewer for NERC Terrestrial Sciences Peer review Committee and for the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology, New Zealand; Member of international panel for research evaluation in Biological Sciences at the University of Helsinki, 1999.

Prof Giller is on the Editorial Boards of Journal Animal Ecology and Web Ecology and is Co-Editor Biology and Environment: Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy. He is an academic referee for over 27 international journals in the environmental and ecological area.

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