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Dr Susan Iremonger

Dr Iremonger has a PhD in forest ecology She has been involved in several relevant areas such as: production of Guidelines for Forestry and Biodiversity for the Irish Forest Service; participation on the Environment Group to draft the National Forest Standard; extensive experience of multidisciplinary project management, particularly in GIS projects and in ecological assessment; fieldwork for recording vegetation structure and composition; plant species identification; keys to identification; interpretation of remote sensing imagery and mapping using GIS; design and management of databases for conservation data including data on rare species and habitats; use of GIS data for research on forest protection and conservation; habitat type classification with an emphasis on forests; harmonisation of habitat classifications including for the CORINE project and for the Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) of FAO; participation on Temperate and Boreal FRA Team of Experts; design and teaching of courses in planning and management of natural areas; Rapid Ecological Assessment; plant ecology; applied ecology and elementary botany (University level).

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