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Dr F.J.G. Mitchell

Fraser Mitchell investigated the dynamics of the Killarney woodlands for his PhD at Trinity College Dublin. He then spent five years working as a Higher Scientific Officer in the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute, Aberdeen, investigating vegetation dynamics in relation to grazing regimes. In 1990 he returned to Trinity College Dublin where he is now a senior lecturer in the Botany Department. His principal research interest lies in long-term vegetation dynamics in temperate forests. He employs both classical ecological, and fine spatial resolution pollen analysis, techniques to reconstruct forest dynamics which can then be related to climate, human, and grazing impacts. He has conducted this research in forest stands in Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Poland, Tasmania and USA. In 2000 he was a Charles Bullard Fellow at Harvard University where he investigated stand dynamics in the Pisgah Old Growth Forest in New Hampshire.

During the last ten years he has supervised thirteen postgraduate students and five postdoctoral fellows. His research has been funded from national and international sources and he is currently in receipt of research grants from EC, Enterprise Ireland, Dúchas and Teagasc.

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